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Super Smash Flash 3

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About Super Smash Flash 3
If you love playing fighting games online, alone or with friends, Super Smash Flash 3 is a game that you will really love. For those who have never played this awesome game before I will recommend to read the small review before starting to play. The game was developed by Mcleod in 2015 year and become very popular all over the world because of the huge success of the previous versions of the game. The idea of the game is simple – you have to fight for your life with different enemies and try to win all battles. The series of Super Smash Flash games are famous for the popular character and lots of innovative game modes. For example, in Super Smash Flash 3 you can play a traditional 1vs1 fighting game as well as 2vs2, where you can fight with your friend against computer.

Super Smash Flash 3 Gameplay
This game was developed as a traditional fighting game and it’s based on the popular Super Smash Bros nintendo game. The game is not the complete clone of the video game, it has different mechanics and graphics but the main idea is same : variety of well-known characters. All of those characters are very popular, for example the Super Smash Flash 3 features : Pikachu,Sonic,Mario and lot’s of other characters from cartoons and games.  The gameplay is smooth enough to give players outstanding experience.

How to play Super Smash Flash 3
The game offers more than 30 characters and all of them are really different. Not only by the outlook but also by the skills. Some of the characters are more strong in close fight, while others can jump high and make damage in long-distance battle. Also remember that all of them have ability to perform a special attack which is called Final Smash. If you manage to make the final smash, your enemy will probably die. Hope that you will enjoy the game.

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